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This website is the attempt to give you some information about japanese TV series - called JDorama or JDrama. Japanese people refer to every kind of TV series when they say Dorama. For most western fans "JDorama" are TV series broadcasted in the japanese primetime. This site is about those kind of series...
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Todays birthdays: Watanabe Natsuna (26), Tajima Yumika (26), Sonoda Anna (27), Matsuoka Emiko (31), Matsuoka Rinako (31), Nishimaru Yuuko (35), Gounai Taeko (36), Takayama Takehisa (36). Best wishes.

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2011-03-09: Matsuzaka Toori cast in "Asukou March!" drama series
Actor Matsuzaka Toori (22) is confirmed to be in the cast of the drama series "Asukou March!" that was announced last month, starring actress Takei Emi (17). This is the second time that Matsuzaka and Takei have worked together, as they previously played siblings in Amami Yuuki's "GOLD" last year. [...]

2011-03-09: Ono Machiko chosen to star in NHK morning drama "Carnation"
NHK has decided on the star of its 85th Asadora series, "Carnation." 29-year-old Ono Machiko was selected out of 1,850 actresses who auditioned for the lead part in December. [...]

2011-03-09: Nagatsuka Kyouzou, Mimura star in "courtroom home drama"
BS Asahi will broadcast a new drama series this spring called "Kazoku Houtei," starring Nagatsuka Kyouzou (65) as a judge and Mimura (26) as a housekeeper. Although they have each played many different characters up until now, this will be the first time that they have been cast in such roles. [...]

2011-03-09: Ooizumi You, Matsuda Ryuuhei co-star in "Tantei wa Bar ni Iru"
Ooizumi You (37) and Matsuda Ryuuhei (27) are teaming up to play a detective combo in a movie called "Tantei wa Bar ni Iru," directed by Hashimoto Hajime ("Chacha: Tengai no Onna"). This will be the first time that the two actors have worked together. [...]

2011-03-09: Kuroki Meisa cast as heroine in "Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku"
Actress Kuroki Meisa (22) has picked up another heroine role in a major motion picture. After co-starring with Kimura Takuya (38) in last year's hit movie "Space Battleship Yamato," she will now be joining Oda Yuji (43) in "Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku," the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster "Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu." [...]

2011-03-09: 151 graduates return for "3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei" finale

2011-03-09: V6′s Morita Gou to perform his play "Kinkakuji" in New York

2011-03-05: Tamamori Yuuta, Naka Riisa, Abe Yuuji join Katori Shingo's new drama

2011-03-05: Oono Satoshi to host TV series on Jakuchu's art

2011-03-04: Fukada Kyoko added to "Kochikame" movie cast

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