Oricon: best in swimwear

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2009-07-17 - Oricon recently ran a small summer survey, asking 800 men and women in their teens and twenties to name celebrities who look good in swimwear. Gravure idol Aki Hoshino (32) topped the rankings, along with actor Mokomichi Hayami (24).

Men voted for Hoshino mainly for her nice body, while some women commented on Hoshino having a very youthful cuteness and style even at her age. Idol Akina Minami (20) was ranked #2 on the women's list, followed by model Yuri Ebihara (29).

On the men's list, the top-ranked Hayami received many comments about his athletic body and his stylish appearance in swimwear. Actor Kenji Sakaguchi (33) ranked second, and comedian Yoshio Kojima (28) ended up in third.

  1. Aki Hoshino
  2. Akina Minami
  3. Yuri Ebihara
  4. Yukina Kinoshita
  5. Miwa Asao
  6. Ayumi Hamasaki
  7. Masami Nagasawa
  8. Yoko Kumada
  9. Haruka Ayase
  10. Becky

  1. Mokomichi Hayami
  2. Kenji Sakaguchi
  3. Yoshio Kojima
  4. Hayato Ichihara
  5. Hiro Mizushima
  6. Takuya Kimura
  7. Teppei Koike
  8. Hiroshi Tamaki
  9. Hiroki Narimiya
  10. Tomohisa Yamashita

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