Additional cast announcement for "Tokyo DOGS"

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2009-09-07 - Fuji TV has announced more cast details for its upcoming drama series "Tokyo DOGS," which stars Shun Oguri and Hiro Mizushima as a pair of detectives with mismatching personalities.

It was already revealed last month that the main cast consists of Oguri, Mizushima, and actress Yuriko Yoshitaka. Oguri plays Sou Takakura, an elite detective from the New York police force, while Mizushima plays Maruo Kudo, a former delinquent who has become part of a special investigative division with the Japanese police. Yoshitaka is filling the heroine role as a mysterious woman who is the key to the case at hand.

The newly announced cast members include Tomokazu Miura as Takakura's boss and Yoshiko Tanaka as Takakura's mother. Nene Ootsuka plays the section chief of the special investigative division, while Ryo Katsuji, Mikihisa Azuma, and Koutarou Shiga play fellow detectives. Rie Tomosaka, Asami Usuda, Takuya Yoshimura, and Kensei Mikami have also been cast on the show.

"Tokyo DOGS" will air on Monday nights at 9:00pm. The series begins in October.

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