Recap: Relationship rumors

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2009-11-21 - Multiple rumors of celebrity relationships have surfaced in recent weeks, which have all been denied by the celebrities' agencies:

Two weeks ago, FRIDAY reported that actress Aya Hirayama (25) and Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuuya Takaki (19) are dating. The two were seen last month having dinner in Shinjuku, then riding in a taxi together.

Actress Yukie Nakama (30) and actor Tetsushi Tanaka (43) are also said to be dating. They have worked together in three television dramas, including the currently airing "Untouchable."

The latest issue of FRIDAY says that KAT-TUN's Koki Tanaka (24) is involved with gravure idol Erina Takamatsu (23). The magazine published photos of the two at Narita Airport right before they left for Hawaii. Tanaka's management explained that they were just part of a group of friends traveling to Hawaii for another friend's wedding.

This week's issue of Josei Seven ran pictures of NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita (24) and actress Keiko Kitagawa (23) together outside a restaurant. Rumors about the two have been around since their student days at Meiji University, and the rumors had resurfaced when they were chosen as co-stars in Fuji TV's "Buzzer Beat" last season. It was later rumored that Yamashita was dating fashion model Seira Kagami (22), though it is said that the two have broken up.

The same issue of Josei Seven claims that actor Tetsuji Tamayama (29) and actress Chiaki Kuriyama (25) have been dating since spring. They both appeared in the movie "Hagetaka" that opened in June.

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