Comedy skits turned into drama special "Warau Joyuu"

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2009-12-18 - On New Year's Day, NTV will broadcast a unique drama special called "Warau Joyuu." The show consists of three stories, each based on a popular conte (humorous story) by a comedy group. The stories will feature a popular actress along with the comedians themselves.

Karina (25) will star in Drunk Dragon's "Koroshita Kamoshirenai." It takes place in a luxury hotel, focusing on the relationship between a popular writer (Muga Tsukaji) and his secretary/lover (Karina).

Tokyo 03's "Kokuhaku" will be led by Ryoko Kuninaka (30). She plays Hitomi, who works at a high-class coastal inn. One day, she runs into three of her childhood friends, played by the members of Tokyo 03.

In Bananaman's "Aoi Tori," Yuka Itaya (34) has been cast as a career woman who has been loveless for the last three years. The story tells of her interactions with a colleague (Yuuki Himura) and her ex-boyfriend (Osamu Shitara).

The special airs on January 1 at 11:55pm. After that, producer Masatoshi Kato will be looking to bring conte-to-drama adaptations to prime time.

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