Mirai Moriyama leads "Moteki" drama adaptation

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Provided by Tokyograph

2010-05-21 - Mirai Moriyama (25) will star in a live-action drama series based on Mitsuro Kubo's manga "Moteki." This is his first drama role since getting married earlier this year.

Moriyama plays a temp worker who has never had any luck with women. One day, he suddenly starts getting invitations from several beautiful women, and he finds himself confused about how to deal with this new experience of having a "moteki" (a period when one is very popular and attractive to others).

The women interested in Moriyama are being played by Maho Nonami (29), Hikari Mitsushima (24), Rio Matsumoto (27), and Rinko Kikuchi (29). The cast also includes Hirofumi Arai (31) and Lily Franky (46).

"Moteki" will be aired by TV Tokyo in the "Drama 24" time slot (Friday nights at 12:12am), starting on July 16.

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