Ninomiya case sent to prosecutor's office

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2010-07-02 - Last month, Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya (27) caused a traffic accident, resulting in minor injuries for a female bicyclist. On July 2, it was learned that the Meguro police have have sent the case to the public prosecutor's office.

On June 4, at around half past noon at an intersection in the Meguro ward, Ninomiya's vehicle bumped into a woman riding a bicycle. The woman suffered an injury in her left leg which reportedly took a week to fully heal.

Ninomiya is suspected of negligent driving resulting in injury, as it is believed that he was not paying proper attention to the road ahead of him. Police say that Ninomiya has already acknowledged his fault in the accident. The public prosecutor's office will decide whether to take the case to court.

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