Ryo Katsuji stars in drama special "Sayonara, Alma"

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2010-10-28 - Ryo Katsuji (24) will star in an NHK drama special titled "Sayonara, Alma: Akagami wo Moratta Inu." The story is based on a novel by Munenori Mizuno, who also authored the novel "Oppai Bare" that was turned into a movie last year starring Haruka Ayase.

"Sayonara, Alma" is based on a true story of a dog named Alma, raised by a young man named Taichi (Katsuji) as a war dog. Alma is dispatched to Manchuria during World War II, and a year later, Taichi is also sent there as a dog trainer.

The rest of the cast includes Riisa Naka (21), Seishirou Katou (9), Mitsuko Kusabue (77), Runa Matsumoto (7), Mariya Nishiuchi (16), Yoshizumi Ishihara (48), and Terumi Azuma (54). The theme song, titled "Samenai Yume," is being sung by Yosui Inoue.

NHK General will broadcast the drama on December 18, while NHK Educational will air it in four parts on December 13-16.

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