Akiko Yada's first starring drama role in five years

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2010-10-28 - Actress Akiko Yada (31) has finally landed her first starring role in a drama series since 2005, though it is headed for mobile phones rather than television sets. Titled "Sora ni Ichiban Chikai Shiawase," it is the next in line of LISMO's mobile dramas, aimed at user of au phones.

The drama's subtitle indicates that it is "another story" related to the movie "Gene Waltz," which was adapted from a novel by medical mystery writer Takeru Kaido ("Team Batista no Eikou"). Starring Miho Kanno (33), the film was first announced in November 2009, and it will finally be released in theaters on February 5, 2011.

Since the film revolves around an obstetrics and gynecology department, Yada will be taking on the role of an expectant mother for the drama, who loses her child shortly after its birth. This will be her first time filming a childbirth scene, though Yada already has experience as a mother in real life. She gave birth to a son in November 2007 with her former husband, Manabu Oshio (32).

The drama is written and directed by Koto Nagata, best known for the movie "Little DJ." The cast features TEAM NACS' Ken Yasuda as Yada's husband, and fellow TEAM NACS member Shigeyuki Totsugi will make a guest appearance.

Five episodes will be released, starting on December 3 and finishing before the theatrical premiere of "Gene Waltz."

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