Japan's latest nail awards announced

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Provided by Tokyograph

2010-11-16 - The Japan Nailist Association is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so on November 11 (designated as "Nail Day") the organization presented a few special "lifetime achievement awards." The recipients were Kumi Koda (27), Ayumi Hamasaki (32), and Becky (26), though only Koda was in attendance to receive the awards on behalf of all three.

This is not the first time for any of them to receive recognition for their nails. Every year at the International Nail Expo in Tokyo (being held on November 28-29 this year), several "Nail Queen" awards are handed out. Koda, Hamasaki, and Becky have each won three times, placing them in the "Hall of Fame" and making them ineligible for future awards.

Incidentally, the 2010 Nail Queen winners have already been revealed. Kyoko Fukada (28) is receiving her third award in the actress category, becoming the fourth person to join the "Hall of Fame." The others are Suzanne (24) in the talento category, Marie (23) in the artist category, tennis player Ai Sugiyama (35) in the sports category, Junpei Mizobata (21) in the men's category, and Uno Kanda (35) in the special award category.

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