Third "Sazae-san" drama features Toshi, Aya Hirano, Nozomi Sasaki

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2010-11-17 - Fuji TV is on a roll with its recent live-action "Sazae-san" drama specials. After the first one got 20.9% ratings last year and the second one got 16.5% ratings this past summer, a third one is now in the works. Fuji TV will ring in the new year with the special episode, airing it on January 2.

Naturally, Arisa Mizuki (33) will return in the starring role of Sazae, along with several other supporting cast members including Michitaka Tsutsui (39) as Sazae's husband Masuo, and Tsurutaro Kataoka (55) and Keiko Takeshita (57) as Sazae's parents.

The new cast additions this time include former kickboxer Musashi (38) as Masuo's co-worker Anago and former pro wrestler Akira Hokuto (43) as Anago's wife.

There will also be a scene in which Sazae's little brother Katsuo (Kentarou Arai, 14) imagines his future, and that scene will feature several guests playing the future versions of various characters. Comedian Toshi (of Taka and Toshi, 34) plays Katsuo, voice actress Aya Hirano (23) plays Katsuo's classmate Kaori, and comedienne Haruna Kondo (of Harisenbon, 27) plays another classmate named Hanazawa-san. However, Hanazawa-san's own imagination envisions model Nozomi Sasaki (22) as her future self.

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