Hidetaka Yoshioka handles transplants in medical miniseries

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2011-01-09 - Actor Hidetaka Yoshioka (40) is set to star in a drama series for the first time since "Dr. Koto Shinryojo" in 2006. He will lead a 5-episode series titled "CO: Ishoku Coordinator," starting on March 27 on WOWOW (Sundays, 10:00pm).

The show is a medical drama about an organ transplant coordinator, dealing with the heart transplant of a 6-year-old boy. The subject of transplants garnered widespread attention last July when Japan revised its organ donation laws, allowing organs of a brain-dead person, regardless of age, to be donated with the consent of family members even without the person's prior consent.

Other cast members include Yuusuke Santamaria, Yoshino Kimura, Yumi Asou, Gou Rijuu, Kisuke Iida, Akiko Yada, Machiko Ono, Takeo Nakahara, Haruka Kinami, Yuka Itaya, Kosuke Toyohara, Mitsuru Hirata, and Isao Hashizume.

Takehiko Hata ("Dragon Zakura," "Tentai Kansoku") wrote the screenplay. Jiro Shono is directing, and Naoki Sato is in charge of the soundtrack. Filming has already finished.

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