SMAP's Gorou Inagaki finds new love

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2011-02-10 - SMAP member Gorou Inagaki (37) appears to have a new girlfriend. According to this week's issue of FRIDAY, he is going out with former talento Mariko Okayasu (25), who was signed with a major management office up until the end of last year.

The two were seen on a date at a yakiniku restaurant in January. After that, Inagaki went back to his apartment, and Okayasu followed about half an hour later. At around noon the next day, they left together in Inagaki's car.

Okayasu also spent the entire next weekend at Inagaki's apartment.

FRIDAY says that the couple met through a mutual friend four years ago, though they have only been dating for the last two years. A source quoted by the magazine stated that last Christmas, Inagaki gave Okayasu an 800,000-yen bracelet from a high-class brand.

Inagaki was previously in a serious relationship with actress Miho Kanno (33) between 2000 and 2008. This is the first reported romance for Inagaki since that breakup.

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