Kuroki Meisa cast as heroine in "Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku"

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2011-03-09 - Actress Kuroki Meisa (22) has picked up another heroine role in a major motion picture. After co-starring with Kimura Takuya (38) in last year's hit movie "Space Battleship Yamato," she will now be joining Oda Yuji (43) in "Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku," the sequel to the 2009 blockbuster "Amalfi: Megami no Hoshu."

Itou Hideaki (35) was recently announced as Oda's co-star in the film, bringing together the leads of two of Japan's most successful movie franchises ever ("Odoru Daisousasen" and "Umizaru"). This will be Kuroki's first time on screen with either of the two actors.

Oda reprises his role as the diplomat Kuroda Kosaku, who gets sent to Spain after the murder of a Japanese financier. Itou plays an Interpol detective investigating the murder, though he aims to keep Kuroda in the dark about the case. Kuroki plays an elite banker who happened to witness the crime, making her a key figure in solving the case.

"Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku" premieres on June 25, 2011.

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