Ooizumi You, Matsuda Ryuuhei co-star in "Tantei wa Bar ni Iru"

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2011-03-09 - Ooizumi You (37) and Matsuda Ryuuhei (27) are teaming up to play a detective combo in a movie called "Tantei wa Bar ni Iru," directed by Hashimoto Hajime ("Chacha: Tengai no Onna"). This will be the first time that the two actors have worked together.

"Tantei wa Bar ni Iru" takes its title from the first book in the "Susukino Tantei" novel series, written by Azuma Naomi. However, the story is actually based on the series' second book, "Bar ni Kakatte Kita Denwa."

Oizumi plays a private detective in the Susukino district of Hokkaido. One day at the bar that he frequents, he receives a request over the phone from a mysterious woman calling herself "Kondo Kyoko," and he soon finds his life at stake. His partner, played by Matsuda, is actually a university agriculture department assistant who often fights with Oizumi and who loves to sleep, but he reliably helps out the detective in a pinch, especially with his expertise in karate.

The film's staff includes "Aibou" producer Suto Yasushi and "Always: Sanchome no Yuhi" screenwriter Kosawa Ryota.

The movie is planned to open in September 2011. With the 11th "Susukino Tantei" novel being released this month, there are hopes that the film will be successful enough to continue as a series.

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