Oricon: best face

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2007-09-13 - Oricon reports that women have recently been paying more attention to their faces, making it a hot topic in the beauty world. One popular website called Kaocheki lets users upload pictures of themselves to see which celebrities they look like. With that in mind, Oricon's audition magazine De-View surveyed a thousand women to see which celebrities they wanted to have their faces look like.
Two young actresses tied for the #1 spot: Erika Sawajiri and Yui Aragaki. Those who voted for Sawajiri tended to comment on how pretty her face is, while Aragaki's supporters mainly cited her cuteness.

In third was the young newlywed Aoi Miyazaki, placing above Masami Nagasawa (#4) and Karina (#5). Ayumi Hamasaki tied with Leah Dizon for 6th. The next two on the list were Yuri Ebihara and Haruka Ayase, followed by Nanako Matsushima and Kou Shibasaki in a tie for 10th.

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