Masahiko Tsugawa revives "Jirocho Sangokushi" for second film

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2007-09-26 - Actor Masahiko Tsugawa's second film as director will be "Jirocho Sangokushi," based on Genzo Murakami's historical novel of the same name. That book also inspired nine Toho films between 1952 and 1954 and four Toei films between 1963 and 1965. Those movies were directed by Masahiro Makino, who is Tsugawa's uncle.
Tsugawa's relation to Makino led him to adopt the pseudonym "Masahiko Makino" for his directorial works. He first used the name on his 2006 debut "Nezu no Ban."

The new film stars Kiichi Nakai as Jirocho and Kyouka Suzuki as his wife. The supporting cast includes several veteran actors, including Ittoku Kishibe, Takashi Sasano, and Youichi Nukumizu. Screenwriter Sumio Omori is in charge of the script, while Ryuudo Uzaki will handle the music.

Filming begins on October 1. Kadokawa Pictures will distribute, with a theatrical release scheduled for autumn 2008.

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