Yoshinori Okada stars in Fuji TV drama special

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2007-10-12 - Actor Yoshinori Okada has been given his first starring role on Fuji TV. On the 20th, the network will broadcast a drama special titled "Flight Panic." It will run in the Saturday 11:20pm time slot, which has been previously occupied by "LIAR GAME" and "LIFE."

Okada plays a co-pilot on a plane on which an infectious disease breaks out. The cast includes Megumi Seki, Ryou Kimura, Rieko Miura, Sei Hiraizumi, Shigeru Izumiya, Ai Takabe, and Kousuke Suzuki.

"Flight Panic" is the last drama to be filmed at the Shibuya Video Studio, which is closing after a 32-year history.

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