Oricon: cool actresses

Provided by Tokyograph

2007-10-14 - Oricon has another survey to kick off the fall drama season, inspired by Miho Kanno's character in "Hataraki Man." The survey asked 1,200 Internet users which actress they thought had the image of being cool ("kakkoii"), particularly in relation to work. Ryoko Shinohara ranked #1, boosted by drama roles such as those in "Anego" and "Haken no Hinkaku." Last year, Shinohara came first in a similar survey.

Makiko Esumi ranked second, followed by Hitomi Kuroki, Yuuki Amami, and Norika Fujiwara. The bottom half of the top ten consisted of Nanako Matsushima, Misaki Itou, Ryoko Yonekura, Yukie Nakama, and Miho Kanno.

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