Tsukamoto starring in Sun Music's first film

Provided by Tokyograph

2008-01-30 - Young actor Takashi Tsukamoto has been given his first starring movie role since he married last May and entered fatherhood. The film is titled "Yesterdays" and is being directed by Takashi Kubota. It is the first project planned and produced by management agency Sun Music, which launched its film production operations last year.

Tsukamoto plays a young man who learns that his estranged father (Jun Kunimura) has only three months left to live. He agrees to take on his father's last request - to find his former lover. In his search, he encounters a "time slip" and meets his father as a young man (Asahi Uchida), eventually gaining an understanding of his father's heart.

The supporting cast includes Noriko Sakai, Cunning Takeyama, Hiroshi, and Jun Fubuki. Filming is already under way and will be completed in time for a fall release.

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