Koki Mitani gathers star cast for "Magic Hour" cameos

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2008-03-06 - In July, director Koki Mitani announced a new comedy titled "The Magic Hour," starring Koichi Sato as an unwitting actor tricked into performing a hit job for a crime boss. The film already features a star cast that includes Satoshi Tsumabuki, Eri Fukatsu, Haruka Ayase, and Toshiyuki Nishida, but now it has been revealed that Mitani has cast 7 more top actors (and one director) for guest appearances.

The story of "The Magic Hour" includes three fictional movies. For the first one, Kiichi Nakai and Yuki Amami star in a picture titled "Kuroi 101 Nin no Onna," a sequel to Kon Ichikawa's 1961 film "Kuroi Junin no Onna." Kouji Yamamoto plays the assistant director to the project, while the part of the director is played by Ichikawa himself, in scenes shot before his death last month.

The next is a black-and-white film called "Ankoku Machi no Yojinbo." Kyouka Suzuki and Shosuke Tanihara are the two stars, and Yasufumi Terawaki is cast in it as a Thai person. The third movie, "Jitsuroku Muho Chitai," has Toshiaki Karasawa as its lead.

These cameo performances reportedly range between a minute and a half to three minutes in length. Still, the actors' faces will be seen in the film's trailer, which starts running in theaters this weekend.

"The Magic Hour" is scheduled for release on June 7.

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