Keiko Kitagawa plays female lead in "Handsome Suit"

Provided by Tokyograph

2008-03-10 - Actress Keiko Kitagawa has been chosen as the heroine in the comedy film "Handsome Suit," directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa. The movie is an adaptation of a book by writer Osamu Suzuki.

The story revolves around the unattractive Takuro (Muga Tsukaji), who is the chef and owner of a restaurant. He confesses his love to a beautiful part-time worker (Kitagawa), but she turns him down and leaves the store. However, Takuro later finds a magical suit that transforms him into a good-looking model (Shosuke Tanihara).

Kitagawa and Tanihara previously co-starred in TV Asahi's fall drama series "Mop Girl."

Filming started on the 3rd of this month and is scheduled to continue until early April. Theatrical release is slated for fall.

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