Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm

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牛に願いを Love&Farm Ushi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm Wish Upon a Cow: Love & Farm
Ranking: 3.2, 10 votes

Japanese title牛に願いを Love&Farm
"Romaji" titleUshi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm
Romanized titleUshi ni Negai wo: Love & Farm
English titleWish Upon a Cow: Love & Farm
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First aired:Tue, 2007-07-03 - 2007-09-11 at Fuji TV
ScreenwriterKaneko Arisa
DirectorMiyage Yoshishige
ProducerShigematsu Keiichi

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Synopsis(by Megane):
"Ushi ni negai o" (Cows requested) is a series about six students at the agricultural faculty of an university in Tokyo, having to complete a hands-on training with farmers in Hokkaido for three months.

Takashimitsu Takashi (Tamayama Tetsuji) is bumming around as a part-time manager in a restaurant more than being at university. He has to do this training, that brings him back to his hometown, to keep himself from being expelled. Enthusiastic student team leader of the training is Mano Tohei (Koide Keisuke), whose elder brother is already a renowned scientist as well as book author about the topic of agriculture. Wakamatsu Ryuta (Nakata Atsuhiko) has no friends and likes to draw. Suenaga Mihoko (Karina) is a spoiled daughter of a rich family, who never had to work in her entire life and is registered as veterinary at the university, but is skipping her classes. Fujii Ayaka (Aibu Saki) changed university and is fully occupied by writing e-mails to her boyfriend. Chiba Kazumi (Toda Erika) is excited about farm work as Mano and wants to have a farm and animals later.

Working and living together is not easy for all of the students. Everyone of them develops throughout the series, even if it takes a little longer for one or the other. The good and the bad sides of life are pretty close to each other, but they have to learn to deal with them. Another big part is played by the love to both animals and people.

Additionally the problems of the small town's inhabitants, like the upcoming union of townships that results into problems with the name of the town, indebted farmers, or protests about the lack of modern machines.

The series, in which one can see the actors scooping hay or cleaning cow's udders, is pretty interesting, as it is different from everything else, beside the loving-part. Karina is fully compatible to the role of the work-rejecting beauty. Aibu and Toda can become a bit annoying sometimes. Unfortunately Tamayama is playing the lead role in this series, as he does not always fits in the shoes of a farmer's son.

The catchy song at the end is "Green Days" by Makihara Noriyuki, which is great together with the views on Hokkaido's landscape.

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Tamayama Tetsuji Tamayama Tetsuji
高清水 高志
Takashimizu Takashi
Koide Keisuke Koide Keisuke
真野 統平
Mano Touhei
Nakata Atsuhiko Nakata Atsuhiko
若松 亮太
Wakamatsu Ryouta
Aibu Saki Aibu Saki
藤井 彩華
Fujii Ayaka
Karina Karina
末永 美帆子
Suenaga Mihoko
Toda Erika Toda Erika
千葉 和美
Chiba Kazumi
Tanaka Kei Tanaka Kei
芦崎 克也
Ashizaki Katsuya
Arimura Miki Arimura Miki
高清水 百合
Takashimizu Yuri
Nakamura Shidou Nakamura Shidou
加藤 明
Katou Akira
Nakajima Tomoko Nakajima Tomoko
宮本 奈津美
Miyamoto Natsumi
Asaka Mayumi Asaka Mayumi
高清水 サチ
Takashimizu Sachi
Fujimoto Shizuka Fujimoto Shizuka
平林 すみよ
Hirabayashi Sumiyo
Morimoto Yuuki Morimoto Yuuki
津村 太郎
Tsumura Tarou
Hamada Mari Hamada Mari
津村 杏子
Tsumura Kyouko
Aijima Kazuyuki Aijima Kazuyuki
吉田 宗之
Yoshida Muneyuki
Ichige Yoshie Ichige Yoshie
芦崎 富貴子
Ashizaki Tokiko
Kohinata Fumiyo Kohinata Fumiyo
寺西 悠太郎
Teranishi Yuutarou
Oosugi Ren Oosugi Ren
高清水 弘志
Takashimizu Hiroshi

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