First Kiss

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ファースト・キス First Kiss First Kiss
Ranking: 4.2, 72 votes

Japanese titleファースト・キス
"Romaji" titleFaasuto kisu
Romanized titleFirst Kiss
English titleFirst Kiss
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First aired:Mon, 2007-07-09 - 2007-09-17 at Fuji TV
ScreenwriterInoue Yumiko
DirectorTakeuchi Hideki
ProducerWakamatsu Hiroki, Shikanai Tsugi
Tags:Love Family

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Synopsis(by Kaddi):
Mio Fukunaka is a very truculent, 19 year-old Japanese woman living in the U.S. with her mother. What you don't see at first sight: she got a major cardiac defect, meaning she could die of a heart attack anytime. As she does not want to live her life in doubts, she decides to get a surgery. With that it would be possible to live many years without fear, but the surgery has a success rate of only 50%... Before taking the risk of the surgery, Mio wants to have an untroubled summer time in Japan with her elder brother. After her arrival she soon gives herself and the people around her a hard time with her complicated attitude. Anyhow this summer is becoming the summer of her life after falling in love with the young doctor Yuuki Akimi. Mios heart is jumping for joy. When the date of her surgery gets near, she notices how much she is loving her life. But she sticks to her decision to fly back to the U.S. and get the surgery with an uncertain outcome.

"I want something that doesn't end. "

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2008-10-21: "Innocent Love" falls short of expectations
2007-09-19: "Hana Kimi" finale draws 21.0%
2007-06-20: Kazumasa Oda to sing "First Kiss" theme
2007-05-17: Mao Inoue to star in 'Getsu 9' drama

Inoue Mao Inoue Mao
福永 美緒
Fukunaga Mio
Itou Hideaki Itou Hideaki
加納 一樹
Kanou Ikki
Hiraoka Yuuta Hiraoka Yuuta
結城 秋生
Yuuki Akimi
Sakai Wakana Sakai Wakana
斉藤 はるな
Saito Haruna
Warabino Tomoya Warabino Tomoya
諸畑 健夫
Morohata Takeo
Takenaka Naoto Takenaka Naoto
番場 大
Banba Masaru
Natsuki Mari Natsuki Mari
福永 えり子
Fukunaga Eriko
Gekidan Hitori Gekidan Hitori
進藤 一流
Shindo Ichiru
Abe Sadawo Abe Sadawo
二階堂 勝
Nikaidou Masaru

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