Sushi Ouji!

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スシ王子! Sushi Ouji! Prince of Sushi
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Japanese titleスシ王子!
"Romaji" titleSushi Ouji!
Romanized titleSushi Ouji!
English titlePrince of Sushi
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First aired:Fri, 2007-07-27 - 2007-09-14 at TV Asahi
ScreenwriterTsukuda Norihiko
DirectorTsutsumi Yukihiko
ProducerKuwata Kiyoshi

Synopsis(by Daniel):
Sushi chef Tsukasa Maizu, who has been called Sushi Ouji (Prince of Sushi) since he was 10 years old, has a Fish Eye Phobia due to an incident. To get to know that delicacy better, he travels in Japan to learn a special secret sushi-technique. Because of his phobia, his passion for making sushi is getting much harder for him. Will he be able to solve his problem?

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2008-05-01: The "Sushi Prince" goes to New York
2008-04-17: "Sushi Ouji!" and "Crayon Shin-chan" unite
2008-01-16: Kouichi Doumoto sings for "Sushi Ouji!"
2007-10-15: "Sushi Ouji!" movie title and cast announced
2007-10-09: "LIFE" named most satisfying summer drama
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Doumoto Kouichi Doumoto Kouichi
米寿 司
Maizu Tsukasa
Nakamaru Yuuichi Nakamaru Yuuichi
河原 太郎
Kawahara Tarou
Katou Natsuki Katou Natsuki
源 ウミ
Minamoto Umi
Taira Tomi Taira Tomi
武留守 リリー
Takeruji Riri (?)
Sasai Eisuke Sasai Eisuke
朝比奈 庄月
Asahina (?)
Yamashita Shinji Yamashita Shinji
奥平 海月
Okudaira Umizuki

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