Mop Girl

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モップガール Mop Girl Mop Girl
Ranking: 4.6, 518 votes

Japanese titleモップガール
"Romaji" titleMoppu Gaaru
Romanized titleMop Girl
English titleMop Girl
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First aired:Fri, 2007-10-12 - 2007-12-14 at TV Asahi
ScreenwriterMashiba Azusa, Arai Shuuko
DirectorKatayama Osamu, Tsunehiro Jouta
ProducerKuwata Kiyoshi, Nakagawa Noriko, Kanbe Akira, Satou Yoshihiro
Tags:Crime Mystery

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Synopsis(by Daniel):
Momoko Hasegawa is working at "Angel Life Communications", a company arranging weddings among other things. But when she was helping another person she got into big problems because of her clumsyness and had to transfer to "Little Angels", the sepultural institute of that company, where she works at the special cleaning division, in which she has to use a mop often to remove blood stains of dead bodies.
But beside her effort she has another special ability: she can re-live a day with the knowledge of the day "before" to save a dead person from dying if a dead person is leaving strong emotions. She got that gift when she was a child and her predecessor died rescuing her. When Momoko turned 21 she is able to use that ability for the first time...

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2008-06-11: Keiko Kitagawa to co-star with Yuji Oda
2008-03-10: Keiko Kitagawa plays female lead in "Handsome Suit"
2007-09-25: "Hataraki Man," "Mop Girl" theme songs announced
2007-08-21: Keiko Kitagawa gets first starring drama role

Kitagawa Keiko Kitagawa Keiko
長谷川 桃子
Hasegawa Momoko
Tanihara Shosuke Tanihara Shosuke
大友 将太郎
Ootomo Shoutarou
Takaoka Sousuke Takaoka Sousuke
若山 朗
Wakayama Akira
Asami Reina Asami Reina
大河内 日奈
Ookouchi Hina
Magii Magii
溝内 淳
Mizouchi Jun
Ikezu Shouko Ikezu Shouko
片岡 美樹
Kataoka Miki
Watanabe Natsuna Watanabe Natsuna
中村 環
Nakamura Tamaki
Satou Jirou Satou Jirou
東 重男
Higashi Shigeo
Honda Hirotarou Honda Hirotarou
長谷川 隆治
Hasegawa Ryuuji

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