Yukan Club

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有閑倶楽部 Yukan Club The Leisure Club
Ranking: 4.1, 256 votes

Japanese title有閑倶楽部
"Romaji" titleYuukan Kurabu
Romanized titleYukan Club
English titleThe Leisure Club
Official homepagehttp://www.ntv.co.jp/yukan/
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First aired:Tue, 2007-10-16 - 2007-12-18 at NTV
ScreenwriterEgashira Michiru
DirectorOotani Tarou
ProducerOgino Tetsuhiro

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The "Yuukan Club", that was founded to solve mysteries and to kill time. It consists of the original members Miroku Shouchikubai, Seishirou Kikumasamune, Bidou Granmarie, Yuri Kenbishi, Noriko Hakushika, and Karen Kizakura.
Miroku, the sentimental son of a police commissioner with many friends, Seishirou, the very smart son of a rich hostpital-owner, and Yuri, the rich daughter of the world-famous president of the Kenbishi-Business, who loves to eat, are very good fighters. But Yuri has never managed to beat Seichirou.
Bidou is the son of the swedish ambassador and a playboy dating always more than one girl at a time. He does not even think of getting a real girlfriend, because the world could probably not handle that.
Noriko on the other side is the daughter of a famous japanese painter and her mother is from a traditional tee-ceremony-family. She hates men and can become very violent when one of them touches her.
At last Karen lives with her mother, a rich juwelry sore owner. Her dream is to marry into a rich family. Because of that her appearance is very important to her.

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2008-05-02: Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Yukan Club takes top honors
2008-05-01: Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Yuu Kashii named Best Supporting Actress
2008-04-30: Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Akanishi wins Best Actor
2008-01-19: "Yuukan Club" dominates Drama Grand Prix
2007-10-09: "LIFE" named most satisfying summer drama
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Akanishi Jin Akanishi Jin
松竹梅 魅録
Shouchikubai Miroku
Taguchi Junnosuke Taguchi Junnosuke
美童 グランマニエ
Bidou Granmarie
Yokoyama Yuu Yokoyama Yuu
菊正宗 清四郎
Kikumasamune Seishirou
Kashii Yuu Kashii Yuu
白鹿 野梨子
Hakushika Noriko
Minami Minami
剣菱 悠理
Kenbishi Yuri
Suzuki Emi Suzuki Emi
黄桜 可憐
Kizakura Karen

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