Boku dake no Madonna...and I love Her.

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僕だけのマドンナ...and I love Her. Boku dake no Madonna...and I love Her.
Ranking: 4.3, 10 votes

Japanese title僕だけのマドンナ...and I love Her.
"Romaji" titleBoku dake no Madonna...and I love Her.
Romanized titleBoku dake no Madonna...and I love Her.
English title
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First aired:Mon, 2003-07-07 - 2003-09-15 at Fuji TV
ScreenwriterOkada Yoshikazu
DirectorNagayama Kouzou, Sawada Kensaku
ProducerTakai Ichirou

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Synopsis(by Aivy):
One day college student Suzuki Kyoichi finds an unknown woman lying in his bed. He gets to know that she's named Kataoka Surumi and seems to be the ex-girlfriend from a guy living in the opposite apartment. She says she got into Kyoichi's apartment in order to check out the woman for whom her former boyfriend dumped her. Therefore she starts living together with Kyoichi, who doesn't reject such a beautiful and charming girl, although she is a little bit older than himself. But as sudden as she appeared in front of Kyoichi, she one day disappears again without saying a word. What does all this mean?

Takizawa Hideaki Takizawa Hideaki
鈴木 恭一
Suzuki Kyouichi
Hasegawa Kyoko Hasegawa Kyoko
片岡 するみ
Kataoka Surumi
Konishi Manami Konishi Manami
島田 理恵
Shimada Rie
Shimatani Hitomi Shimatani Hitomi
今村 景子
Imamura Keiko
Koizumi Koutarou Koizumi Koutarou
中野 隆志
Nakano Takashi
Morimoto Reo Morimoto Reo
大杉 一馬
Oosugi Kazuma
Shimada Kyuusaku Shimada Kyuusaku
倉本 正太郎
Kuramoto Shoutarou
Kosakai Kazuki Kosakai Kazuki
市ヶ谷 翔
Ichigaya Shou
Maya Miki Maya Miki
松野 しずえ
Matsuno Shizue
Shiga Koutarou Shiga Koutarou
館林 伸吾
Tatebayashi Shingo
Matsuo Reiko Matsuo Reiko
清水 萌子
Shimizu Moeko
Ogata Naoto Ogata Naoto
本田 義孝
Honda Yoshitaka

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Aivy (9), lexymon (9), Yuki-Chan (8), San-Tenshi (7)