1 Liter no Namida

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1リットルの涙 1 Liter no Namida 1 Liter of tears
Ranking: 4.8, 741 votes

Japanese title1リットルの涙
"Romaji" title1 Rittoru no Namida
Romanized title1 Liter no Namida
English title1 Liter of tears
Official homepagehttp://www.fujitv.co.jp/tears/
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First aired:Tue, 2005-10-11 - 2005-12-20 at Fuji TV
Theme SongK - Only Human buy
Insert SongRemioromen (レミオロメン) - Konayuki (粉雪) buy
ScreenwriterEgashira Michiru, Ooshima Satomi, Yokota Rie
DirectorMurakami Shousuke
ProducerKashikawa Satoko

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Synopsis(by Daniel):
Family Ikeuchi is owning a little tofu-shop their children have to work in, too. But their daughter Aya seems to be a little clumsy, dropping things, or falling over. When she falls over on her way to school her mother takes her to the hospital. There the reasons for her clumsiness are discovered and her mother Shioka learns Aya is very sick and her cerebellum is about to dissolve...

"Reality is cruel, you don't even get a dream. When I imagine the future, my eyes fill with tears."

"Plants are kind of fascinating. Even if it's raining or they get stepped, they hold out at their place and make themselves bloom. Wish I could become as strong as them."

"I want to build a time machine and return to the past. If I wasn't ill, I'd certainly had fallen in love. I want to hold on to somebody so much that I can't stand it. "

"Not only you are suffering. Both the one, who is not understood, and the one, who cannot understand, are equivalently pitiful. "

"I think there's nothing wrong to do something bad together. We still have much time left."

"Both animals and plants know their life span from the beginning on. It is only the humans who try to live above their abilities."

"Humans probably think the most human-like when walking. After all, even couples talk about their future while they walk. "

"Don't be inpatient, don't be greedy, don't lose your head. You can only move on step by step."

"Someone who is able to live, must not stop it. It doesn't matter what happens, it doesn't matter how hard it may be, one must not give up by oneself."

"As much as I got hurt, I can become friendlier. As much as I suffered, I can become strong. That's why I definitely won't run away. "

"Don't stop advising something. It will definitely reach the people who want to hear it. "

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2009-12-03: MBS turns weird reality into "Arienai!" drama series
2007-11-22: Actress suspended for a year over blog post

Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri Erika
池内 亜也
Ikeuchi Aya
Yakushimaru Hiroko Yakushimaru Hiroko
池内 潮香
Ikeuchi Shioka
Nishikido Ryou Nishikido Ryou
麻生 遥斗
Asou Haruto
Narumi Riko Narumi Riko
池内 亜湖
Ikeuchi Ako
Fujiki Naohito Fujiki Naohito
水野 宏
Mizuno Hiroshi
Jinnai Takanori Jinnai Takanori
池内 瑞生
Ikeuchi Mizuo
Sanada Yuuma Sanada Yuuma
池内 弘樹
Ikeuchi Hiroki
Miyoshi Ai Miyoshi Ai
池内 理加
Ikeuchi Rika
Matsuyama Kenichi Matsuyama Kenichi
河本 祐二
Koumoto(?) Yuuji
Totsugi Shigeyuki Totsugi Shigeyuki
西野 良三
Nishino Ryouzou
Koide Saori Koide Saori
杉浦 まり
Sugiura Mari
Mizutani Momosuke Mizutani Momosuke
恩田 耕平
Onda Kouhei
Matsumoto Kana Matsumoto Kana
松村 早希
Matsumura Saki
Hashizume Ryou Hashizume Ryou
中原 慶太
Nakahara Keita
Aoi Aoi
富田 圭子
Tomita Keiko
Kawahara Makoto Kawahara Makoto
大橋 美歩
Oohashi Miho
Endou Yuuya Endou Yuuya
武田 誠
Takeda Makoto
Hoshino Natsuko Hoshino Natsuko
本田 香織
Honda Kaori
Satou Yuki Satou Yuki
麻生 圭輔
Asou Keisuke
Umoto Yuki Umoto Yuki
麻生 佐知子
Asou Sachiko
Katsuno Hiroshi Katsuno Hiroshi
麻生 芳文
Asou Yoshifumi

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minami.murata wrote at 2010-07-06, 08:31:05:
I like that story. It is story very sad.
I cry a lot. (~_~)

kalsang wangchuk wrote at 2012-12-30, 19:50:10:
Its realy awesome. i cried two bottle of tears. Thank you all for this really wonderful movie. and i want to meet Aya....