Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou

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Q.E.D. 証明終了 Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou
Ranking: 4.5, 18 votes

Japanese titleQ.E.D. 証明終了
"Romaji" titleQ.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou
Romanized titleQ.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou
English title
Official homepagehttp://www.nhk.or.jp/drama8/qed/
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First aired:Thu, 2009-01-08 - 2009-03-12 at NHK
ScreenwriterFujimoto Yuki, Aihara Kasane
DirectorIseda Masaya, Enokido Takayasu
ProducerFurukawa Houichirou

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Synopsis(by Daniel):
Kana Mizuhara is an energetic and happy high school student. One day the young prodigy Sou Touma, who already graduated from the MIT in the U.S., gets transferred into her class, they start solving several criminal cases, that Kana's father, a police officer cannot solve on his own, with mix of her ambition and his intelligence.

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2008-12-07: Thelma sings for "Q.E.D."
2008-09-23: Ai Takahashi to star in "Q.E.D." drama

Takahashi Ai Takahashi Ai
水原 可奈
Mizuhara Kana
Nakamura Aoi Nakamura Aoi
燈馬 想
Touma Sou
Ishiguro Ken Ishiguro Ken
水原 幸太郎
Mizuhara Koutarou

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ayue (10), Regan (9), Yoko (9), hamanosilence (7), Zippy (7)