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スマイル Smile Smile
Ranking: 4.4, 82 votes

Japanese titleスマイル
"Romaji" titleSumairu
Romanized titleSmile
English titleSmile
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First aired:Fri, 2009-04-17 - 2009-06-26 at TBS
ScreenwriterTakuma Takayuki
DirectorIshii Yasuharu
ProducerSetoguchi Katsuaki, Takanari Mahoko
Tags:Lawyer Love Tragedy

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Synopsis(by Daniel):
Vito Hayakawa's father is a Filipino, his mother is Japanese, he is a Japanese citizen, has never been to the Philippines, but he has several problems because of his ancestry. Further he has been a member of a gang a long time ago, this causes additional distrust from the police. In year 2015 he gets visited in jail by his lawyer Kazuma Itou. He is arrested for over 5 years now, but he still keeps a smile on his face. Lawyer Itou promises to plead for a revision of the judgment.
In year 2009 he got a job in a restaurant owned by the family he is also living with, and additionally he is working part-time in a bar. He learns, the this bar is controlled by the yakuza and this fact might be his doom.
He meets Hana Mishima, who is not able to speak for the last 3 or 4 years, but seems she to be always happy and energetic, like Vito. He tells her about his dream of owning an international restaurant where all guests are smiling and are nice to each other...

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2009-03-16: Shiina does new solo single for "Smile"
2009-02-12: MatsuJun, Gakky pair up for "Smile"

Matsumoto Jun Matsumoto Jun
早川 ビト
Hayakawa Vito
Aragaki Yui Aragaki Yui
三島 花
Mishima Hana
Nakai Kiichi Nakai Kiichi
伊東 一馬
Itou Kazuma
Koike Eiko Koike Eiko
町村 しおり
Machimura Shiori
Tokuyama Hidenori Tokuyama Hidenori
河井 金太
Kawai Kinta
Suzunosuke Suzunosuke
風間 健児
Kazama Buru
Kitami Toshiyuki Kitami Toshiyuki
古瀬 刑事
Furuse (Detective)
Ikeuchi Hiroyuki Ikeuchi Hiroyuki
高柳 刑事
Takayanagi (Detective)
Katsumura Masanobu Katsumura Masanobu
柏木 啓介
Kashiwagi Keisuke
Maeda Gin Maeda Gin
町村 宗助
Machimura Sousuke
Ishida Ayumi Ishida Ayumi
町村 みどり
Machimura Midori
Oguri Shun Oguri Shun
林 誠司
Hayashi Seiji

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塚本 wrote at 2009-04-19, 17:24:56:
今 はじまつた ばかり 
すごく ドラマチク の history で
ビトくんを おうえん しています

Ran wrote at 2010-11-25, 06:11:04:
This Dorama have an amazing story, about the man who fighting for his freedom, even he had a heavy life he's never forget to smile...And I love to see Jun Matsumoto, too. In this dorama Jun's acting was awesome, much better from Hana yori Dango