Tokyo Friends

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東京フレンズ Tokyo Friends Tokyo Friends
Ranking: 3.8, 25 votes

Japanese title東京フレンズ
"Romaji" titleTokyo Furenzu
Romanized titleTokyo Friends
English titleTokyo Friends
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First aired:Fri, 2005-06-03 - 2005-06-03 at DVD

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Rei (Otsuka Ai) is a 22-years old country girl who helps her parents in their fish fabric. One day she watches an advertising film about Tokyo and leaves her home, in order to find some new and great things over there. She quickly gets a part-time job as a waitress at the restaurant "Yume" (dream). Her co-workers become her friends and one day she meets the cool guitarist Ryuuji (Eita), who convinces her to sing in his band. Rei manages her everyday life very good, but Ryuuji wants more than to perform in front of such a small audience. Even his love towards Rei doesn't prevent him from swapping to a rival group, which has been offered a recording contract. But will this new band get him all the success he is dreaming of? Or is his love towards Rei more important than the music?

This short series with 5 episodes tells the story of fulfilling one's dream. It shows the good and bad times of young Japanese' in Tokyo together with fresh rock and pop music from famous singer Otsuka Ai and the charismatic actor Eita.

Beside the 5 episodes there is also a movie that shows how all of them are doing after the series ends.

Ootsuka Ai Ootsuka Ai
岩槻 玲
Iwatsuki Rei
Matsumoto Rio Matsumoto Rio
羽山 ひろの
Hayama Hirono
Maki Youko Maki Youko
藤木 涼子
Fujiki Ryouko
Kobayashi Mao Kobayashi Mao
我孫子 真希
Abiko Maki
Eita Eita
新谷 隆司
Shintani Ryuuji
Sato Ryuta Sato Ryuta
里見 健一
Satomi Kenichi
Itou Takashi Itou Takashi
奥田 孝之
Okuda Takayuki
Nakamura Shunta Nakamura Shunta
永瀬 充男
Nagase Mitsuo
Hiraoka Yuuta Hiraoka Yuuta
田中 秀俊
Tanaka Hidetoshi

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