Buzzer Beat

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ブザー・ビート〜崖っぷちのヒーロー〜 Buzzer Beat~Gakeppuchi no Hero~ Buzzer Beat~Hero on the Edge~
Ranking: 4.4, 236 votes

Japanese titleブザー・ビート〜崖っぷちのヒーロー〜
"Romaji" titleBuzaa Biito~Gakeppuchi no Hiiroo~
Romanized titleBuzzer Beat~Gakeppuchi no Hero~
English titleBuzzer Beat~Hero on the Edge~
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First aired:Mon, 2009-07-13 - 2009-09-21 at Fuji TV
Theme SongB´Z - Ichibu No Zenbu
ScreenwriterOomori Mika
DirectorNagayama Kouzou
ProducerNakano Toshiyuki
Tags:Sports Love

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In basketball, a buzzer beater is a shot taken just before the game clock of a period expires, when the buzzer sounds. The term is normally reserved for baskets that win or tie the game, but also refers to shots that beat an end of quarter or halftime buzzer (source: Wikipedia). The shot even counts when the ball hits and falls through the basket after the buzzer sounds.

This sporty series deals with this deciding shot. Naoki Kamiya is 24 years old and earns his money as a professional basketball player. He plays for the JC Arcs within the PBA (Pro Basketball Association = the japanese NBA). His girlfriend Natsuki Nanaumi, who is a cheerleader and co-worker at PBA at the same time, supports him. By chance he gets to know violinist Riko Shirakawa. She again meats Naoki's manager, Tomoya Kawasaki, and starts dating him.
Naoki proposes to Natsuki on condition that he wins the next game. But he looses and from now on even earns fewer money than before. Depressed by his bad skills withouth even a single fan he meets Riko, who is also experiencing rejections with her being a violinist. They encourage each other and Riko states to be Naokis first fan. Natsuki on the other side notices that Naokis life style is not quite her thing. When a new player joins the basketball team, there are some crucial changes for all of them.

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Yamashita Tomohisa Yamashita Tomohisa
上矢 直輝
Kamiya Naoki
Kitagawa Keiko Kitagawa Keiko
白河 莉子
Shirakawa Riko
Aibu Saki Aibu Saki
七海 菜月
Nanaumi Natsuki
Kanjiya Shihori Kanjiya Shihori
海老名 麻衣
Ebina Mai
Mizobata Junpei Mizobata Junpei
秦野 秀治
Hatano Hideji
Kaneko Nobuaki Kaneko Nobuaki
代々木 廉
Yoyogi Ren
Aoki Munetaka Aoki Munetaka
守口 修斗
Moriguchi Shuuto
Kanada Satoshi Kanada Satoshi
春日部 良夫
Kasukabe Yoshio
Kawashima Akiyoshi Kawashima Akiyoshi
松山 亮介
Matsuyama Ryousuke
Nagai Masaru Nagai Masaru
宇都宮 透
Utsunomiya Tooru
Maya Miki Maya Miki
上矢 真希子
Kamiya Makiko
Itou Hideaki Itou Hideaki
川崎 智哉
Kawasaki Tomoya

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aulia wrote at 2010-01-28, 12:40:05:
guys, i really like this series! it's very funny and touchy.. hope i can see another series with Yamashita and Kitagawa on it.