Aoi Tori

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青い鳥 Aoi Tori
Ranking: 4.7, 13 votes

Japanese title青い鳥
"Romaji" titleAoi Tori
Romanized titleAoi Tori
English title
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First aired:Fri, 1997-10-10 - 1997-12-19 at TBS
Theme SongGlobe - Wandering Destiny
ScreenwriterNozawa Hisashi
DirectorDoi Nobuhiro, Takenoshita Hirotsugu
ProducerKijima Seiichirou
Tags:Love Family

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Synopsis(by Aivy):
Train station employee Shibata Yoshimori has an affair with Machimura Kahori, who got a 9-year old daughter named Shiori and is married to Watanuki Hiromu, the heir of big Watanuki construction company. Kahori isn't happy with her marriage, and when Watanuki intends to send Shiori to a far away school, she breaks down. Shibata, who sees her suffering, makes a decision. Together the three of them start fleeing across Japan, without destination, only driven by the wish of being near to each other. But Watanuki follows them, and suddenly there is a turn of events in everything - even in matters of love.

Toyokawa Etsushi Toyokawa Etsushi
柴田 理森
Shibata Tadamori
Natsukawa Yui Natsukawa Yui
町村 かほり
Machimura Kahori
Nagasaku Hiromi Nagasaku Hiromi
秋本 美紀子
Akimoto Mikiko
Sano Shirou Sano Shirou
綿貫 広務
Watanuki Hiromu
Suzuki Anne Suzuki Anne
町村 詩織
Machimura Shiori
Yamada Maiko Yamada Maiko
綿貫 詩織
Watanuki Shiori
Sakuraba Hiromichi Sakuraba Hiromichi
清水 昌男
Shimizu Masao
Lily Lily
岡安 すみ子
Okayasu Sumiko
Yamaya Hatsuo Yamaya Hatsuo
Nakaya Noboru Nakaya Noboru
綿貫 純一朗
Watanuki Junichirou
Maeda Gin Maeda Gin
柴田 憲史
Shibata Norihito

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Aivy (10), carolin (10), TylerDurden2604 (10), shakkuri (9), Toru (9), annie (8)