My Girl

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マイガール My Girl My Girl
Ranking: 4.3, 65 votes

Japanese titleマイガール
"Romaji" titleMai Gaaru
Romanized titleMy Girl
English titleMy Girl
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First aired:Fri, 2009-10-09 - 2009-12-11 at TV Asahi
Ending SongArashi - My Girl
Tags:Manga Live Action Family Slice of life

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Synopsis(by Daniel):
In his high school days, Masamune Kazama dated Yoko Tsukamoto, who one day suddenly left him saying she was going to study abroad. Six years later, shortly after Masamune got to know that Yoko died in an accident, he meets a girl who turns out to be his and Yoko's daughter. Because the grandmother and little Koharu wish to do so, the girl starts living together with her father, who doesn't have any experiences with children. Therefore she has to face some hart times and often gets hurt because her father doesn't even describe her as his daugther at first. Will he learn to be a good father or won't he be able to bear the challenged?

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2010-11-24: Arashi's Masaki Aiba stars in "Bartender" drama
2010-01-26: Drama Grand Prix: "My Girl" on top
2009-08-27: Shingo Murakami added to "My Girl" cast
2009-08-22: Yuuka joins Masaki Aiba in "My Girl"
2009-08-03: Arashi's Aiba stars in television drama

Aiba Masaki Aiba Masaki
笠間 正宗
Kazama Masamune
Yuuka Yuuka
塚本 陽子
Tsukamoto Yoko
Ishii Momoka Ishii Momoka
Murakami Shingo Murakami Shingo
柴田 友哉
Shibata Tomoya
Kitamura Yukiya Kitamura Yukiya
林 弘和
Hayashi Hirokazu
Yamasaki Shigenori Yamasaki Shigenori
瀬山 高志
Seyama Takashi
Hiraiwa Kami Hiraiwa Kami
片桐 はるか
Katagiri Haruka
Muroi Shigeru Muroi Shigeru
笠間 光代
Kazama Mitsuko

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