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Japanese titleJIN-仁-
"Romaji" titleJIN
Romanized titleJIN
English titleJIN
Official homepagehttp://www.tbs.co.jp/jin2009/
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First aired:Sun, 2009-10-11 - 2009-12-20 at TBS
Tags:Hospital Mystery

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Synopsis(by Aivy):
Minakata Jin, a surgeon from Tokyo, does not do any surgeon since he failed the one on his fiance two years ago, who is now comatose. Now there is a new patient at the hospital, in whose body Jin finds a tumor which looks like an embryo. This embryo has a strange influence on Jin, who gets a strong headache when thinking of it. Suddenly the patient who seemed to be unconscious, tries to flee together with the conserved embryo. When Jin finds him standing on the fire escape of the hospital, the patient throws the glass with the embryo away. Jin tries to catch the glass, but ends falling down the stairs. When he wakes up, his whole surrounding has changed. It is not the Tokyo he knew - but the Edo town from 1862. Believing that this is just a dream, Jin experiences a real Samurai fight, in which one of the Samurai gets dangerously hurt. Since he is a doctor, he tries to save the young man, but has his difficulties in explaining such modern medical things as operations to his family. Especially the mother of the Samurai believes that Jin will murder her son. Only the sister tries to help Jin though she does not understand a word of his medical explanations. In the end Jin manages to save the wounded Samurai even with the most primitive tools there are, only carrying his medical bag with some anesthetics in it. After this successful surgery and some recreative sleep, Jin realizes that this is not a dream. In order to find the way back to his time, he thinks of the only one solution - he has to find the patient who was carrying the embryo with him.

Other seasons of this series: JIN 2 (2011)

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2010-12-13: Yahoo! Japan users vote for 2010's best, including AKB48, Kazunari Ninomiya
2010-11-18: "JIN" drama gets prime time rerun
2010-10-25: "JIN" and "Mother" top the Tokyo Drama Awards
2010-06-08: "JIN" sequel slated for spring 2011
2010-06-04: Takao Osawa, Haruka Ayase in rumored relationship
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Osawa Takao Osawa Takao
南方 仁
Minakata Jin
Nakatani Miki Nakatani Miki
友永 未来
Tomonaga Mirai
Ayase Haruka Ayase Haruka
橘 咲
Tachibana Saki
Koide Keisuke Koide Keisuke
橘 恭太郎
Tachibana Kyoutarou
Kiritani Kenta Kiritani Kenta
佐分利 祐輔
Saburi Yuusuke
Takeda Tetsuya Takeda Tetsuya
尾形 洪庵
Ogata Kouan
Asou Yumi Asou Yumi
橘 栄
Tachibana Ei
Kohinata Fumiyo Kohinata Fumiyo
勝 海舟
Kachi Umifune
Uchino Masaaki Uchino Masaaki
坂本 龍馬
Sakamoto Ryuuma
Taguchi Hiromasa Taguchi Hiromasa
山田 純庵
Yamada Junan
Musaka Naomasa Musaka Naomasa
鈴屋 彦三郎
Suzuya Hikosaburou

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